Pony Racing in the spring!

We head into April with nervous excitement as four of our young riders, and a small crowd of EHC cheerleaders, head to Ascot on Monday, 10 April for their first ever pony racing experience in partnership with the Pony Racing Authority.

Since the programme started in the summer of 2015, Abdus, Grace, Hosanna and Maxim have worked on their racing positions, building strength in their legs and core to achieve that all important race position.

Clarrisa Daly, CEO of the Pony Racing Authority explained "We are delighted to be working with Ebony Horse Club who have some exceptionally talented young riders. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to introduce the sport of pony racing into urban areas that would not naturally be involved and we hope to continue to encourage the children to experience a new and exciting sport." 

Grace showed her progress on our own equicizer to The Duchess of Cornwall and the Chairman of the Pony Racing Authority, Edward Gillespie, during the royal visit.

The Pony Racing Authority has been awarded funding to promote careers in racing to aspiring young riders in urban areas. The industry employs in the region of 80,000 people in the UK to support horse racing, from stable staff, vets, breeding experts, and racing secretaries – it’s not just about the trainers and jockeys.

This makes racing a viable career option for our Brixton riders if their aspirations take them in that direction.

We’ll be hoping that the going is good as our Brixton riders prepare for starter’s orders.

We’ll let you know how they get on.