"This is a charity I can really help"

The current climate creates tough challenges for all charities, large or small. Funders and the public in general rightly expect strong governance, transparency and above all outcomes.

During the royal visit Sue Collins, Chair of Trustees, addressed The Duchess of Cornwall and our guests, saying “The children and young people we work with are our greatest ambassadors. The pride we feel in them is what drives us. They show extraordinary courage in overcoming the difficulties that many of them face in their young lives, but we couldn’t do it without the help and support of generous funders and individuals.”

One of the guests on the day was Spencer Golding, a philanthropist and owner of Home Farm Eventing and Performance Horses in Sussex, who generously supports our work.

He explained “I came across Ebony Horse Club through international event rider, Francis Whittington. What he told me about the club and the children he’d met intrigued me. I grew up in south London, not far from Brixton, and spent time in care so I know what some of these kids are dealing with.

"Last summer, six young people and their horses came to Home Farm for a riding holiday. Seeing the positive impact horses were having on inner-city kids, their enthusiasm and inquisitiveness, made me want to help more so I visited the centre in Brixton.

"Some of the stories the staff  told me were pretty heart wrenching but the success stories were inspiring too. I felt that this was a charity where I could really help kids have a chance to do something with their lives.

"The yard was buzzing during the Duchess of Cornwall's visit. Kids were grooming, tack cleaning, chatting about Pony Racing, polo and residential trips. The riding demonstration was also inspiring to watch as it shows off the talent that all the members have. It was a very special day.

Along with my family, I am looking forward to a long association with the Club."